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Our Expertise

Consulting & Advisory

Agricultural Banking and Financing

Lending to agriculture is a specialized area in Banking and Finance. Vanilla approaches to financing agriculture have resulted in many challenging portfolios. With the right skill sets, banks and other fi nancial institutions can tap into the attractive agribusiness sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have several years of relevant and practical experience to share with financial institutions to help them lend right.

With our expert technical and financing advice in agricultural production, supply chain management and agricultural markets you can avoid the common mistakes that occur in agricultural finance transactions.

Agricultural Value Chain Development

Most financial institutions and service providers consider agriculture a risky enterprise. However, a good understanding of the concept of value chain development provides the opportunity to appreciate the relationships between value chain actors, support functions, and market dynamics.

We provide experience-based coaching to value actors in such areas as operations, logistics, sales and marketing.

Agricultural Value Chain Financing

Value chain financing is the most effective way of dealing with inclusive growth in agribusiness.

We provide effective advice on the appropriate use of financial products and services to increase growth, competitiveness and returns to value chain actors particularly smallholder farmers in rural areas.

Marketing Plans for Agricultural and Agribusinesses

Effective marketing of agricultural and agribusinesses products and services is one of the many challenges facing developing countries. Marketing of agricultural and agribusiness products and services require expertise to ensure successful implementation of marketing plans.

We have the team to assist you to set your expectations right, develop your marketing goals, research and implement your marketing tactics.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans Development

In today’s highly competitive agribusiness marketplace, launching a successful agribusiness venture is a challenging undertaking. Assembling a team of qualified people, conducting market research, securing capital, financing and developing a sound business plan to guide the entire effort are major projects in of themselves. We deliver positive results in the development of feasibility studies and start-up plans.

Our involvement in all segments of agriculture – from farm inputs, production, post-harvest processing, logistics, and end user marketing – as well as our understanding of the requirements of lenders - keeps us in touch with current and long-term trends and developments which shape the agribusiness sector.

Harnessing our experience in the development of your plans will help you achieve the essential differential advantage necessary for the success of your business.

Market Studies on Agricultural Credit and Related Issues

A good understanding of a subject matter within a geographic area is very important in surveys or market studies. Our understanding of the agribusiness and agribusiness financing terrains in African countries makes us the partner of choice when undertaking such studies or surveys.

Our knowledge and understanding of the sector would assure our clients of the needed professionalism, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Business Advisory on Agricultural Investments & Financing

Many investors both local and foreign lose their investments in agriculture for several reasons: some of which include a lack of knowledge in local agronomy, markets and the regulatory environment. We provide effective advisory and support services to ensure project success.

Talking to us can significantly reduce the risk of failure and loss of investments, increase the chances of success, and assure the expected achievement of the return on investment.

Enterprise Risk Management Advisory, Design and Installation

Risk management is very important in agriculture and agribusiness. Most successful agribusiness companies take pains to manage the risks associated with their business and give it its rightful strategic place in the Boardroom.

Our team of experienced technical personnel can assist you to recognize and appreciate the need for effective Enterprise Risk Management to achieve the triple bottom line of Sustainability, Competitiveness and Profitability.

Agricultural Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation

The success of agricultural development projects depends largely on the depth of assessment of risks inherent in the project during the design phase. The ability to identify possible risks which have the potential to constrain or derail project objectives are critical to success.

Our team of experienced professionals can contribute significantly to identifying and assessing agricultural risks and providing the right mitigating approaches at both the project design and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) stages to ensure project success.

Rural & Agricultural Development Planning

In various rural communities in Africa, efforts are being made at realizing the aspirations of the world’s development and private sector organizations. Effective rural and agricultural development planning requires skills and expertise to ensure success.

Rural and agricultural development planning requires multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in areas such as value chain financing, rural finance, agricultural development and smallholder farmer cooperatives and Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) We can contribute to the success of your agricultural development projects by providing expertise and advisory services to project management teams.

Financing Commercial Agriculture

Financing commercial agriculture successfully requires an understanding and appropriate use of financial products and services to support agricultural activities such as production, distribution, marketing and processing.

We can assist you to find the right mix of financial products and services to grow your agribusiness.

Technical Due Diligence for Agribusiness Projects

The success of all projects depends on the right technical assessment prior to project financing and implementation. Most projects have failed not because of a lack of market for the products but because rigorous technical appraisals were not undertaken by either the entrepreneur or financial institution.

Our team of experts with several years of experience in manufacturing and financing can help reduce the risk of project failure by undertaking for banks and other financial institutions as well as entrepreneurs technical due diligence for greenfield and on-going projects.

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Our Expertise

Commercial Farm Management

Commercial farming needs careful planning and execution for success. Expertise in crop and livestock management, as well as adoption and use of new and emerging technologies cannot be overemphasized with regards to productivity.

Our team can assist your with mechanisation planning, crop management, post-harvest management and infrastructure to sure cost-effective controls leading to improved profitability.

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Our Expertise

Food Industry Financing & Management

Our Team has years of practical experience and understanding of the food processing industry. We provide effective solutions in the areas of technical, financial, marketing and people management. Other areas in which we provide support to our clients include:

  • Food quality assurance, food safety, HACCP and quality management systems implementation
  • Financing across the entire value chains activities
  • Technical due diligence and technical advisory services on equipment and process flow
  • Effluent management and control

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Our Expertise

Training & Development

We offer cutting-edge practical training and development sessions to the agribusiness sector. Our custom-designed training programmes are targeted at financial institutions including banks, NGOs and businesses in the agribusiness sector. Our training programmes include:

  • Agricultural Credit Management for FBOs
  • Agricultural Credit and Value Chain Financing for Bankers
  • Risk-Based Agricultural Lending
  • Business Development for Agricultural SMEs
  • Financial Management for Agricultural SMEs
  • Risk Management for Agribusiness Enterprises
  • Financing Strategies for Agribusinesses
  • Financing Agricultural Input and outputs Markets
  • Financing Agricultural Commodities
  • Financial Management for Agricultural input Dealers
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching for Agribusiness Enterprises
  • Negotiating with Banks for Agricultural Credit
  • Financing Commercial Agriculture
  • Agricultural Financing & Investment
  • Agribusiness Strategy Development
  • Business Clinics for Agribusiness SMEs